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B. Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik

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About us

As a part of the Dieffenbacher Group, MAIER designs, manufactures and offers machines for the reduction and processing of wood in the PB, MDF, OSB and WPC/WFC industry, in pelletizing and biomass plants as well as the utilization of industrial waste wood and reclaimed timber for e.g. cement works or power stations for a global market.

The delivery program comprises: debarker, drum chippers, crushers, ClassiSizers, beating rotors, beating flakers, hammer mills, knife ring flakers, OSB flakers, automatic cleaning and grinding machines, fine mills and chip cleaning plants, the complete conveyor technique, separating and fractioning systems.

Furthermore MAIER provides the maintenance and after sales service with reliable support of high quality wear and spare parts for existing machines as well as the detailed (re-)engineering and modernisation of machines and complete plant sections, including required pre-tests in the Dieffenbacher Technical Center.

Products and services

  • Wood chips, flakes and saw dust preparation
    for the panel board industry

  • Modernisation of the wood chip and flake preparation
    on wet and dry side

  • Material preparation for the pellet industry and bioenergy

  • Processing of recycling wood and other solid waste
    into low-cost raw material for further use

MRE Rotor Debarker

MRE Rotor Debarker

The MRE Rotor-Debarker offers the efficient continuous debarking of round wood. The logs are laterally fed into the trough, set into rotating Motion by long rotors with debarking tools and moved to the discharge area by the tilt of the rotors.

HRL Drum Chipper

HRL Drum Chipper

The HRL Drum Chipper is a tried-and-trusted solution for the production of high-quality chips from different wood assortments.
The material is gripped horizontally by specially toothed infeed rollers and continuously fed to the chipping rotor. The knives of the rotor cut the material to the required chip length. The chipped material passes an individually adapted refractioning grid.

MRZ Knife Ring Flaker

MRZ Knife Ring Flaker

After passing the vibration conveyor, the magnet drum and the heavy particle separator, the chips are distributed in 3 dimensions (3D) across all areas of the flaking chamber by the unique FlowOptimizer. Finally the fast rotating main rotor guides the chips to the knives of the static knife ring, where the chips are cut into flat uniform high quality flakes.

News & Innovations

NEW!!! MAIER Knife Ring Flaker MRZ with FlowOptimizer 

Uneven material distribution in the flaking chamber is a well-known problem of knife ring flaker systems. As a result, the total installed knife length cannot always be used evenly. This causes uneven wear of the flaker components responsible for the cutting conditions and flake quality. The ne...| » Further reading 

NEW!!! MAIER MSF-PB Strand Flaker for light particle boards 

Production of special flat flakes for lower board core-layer density Optimal flake slenderness Same mechanical board properties Saving of raw material Saving of electrical and thermal energy Saving of resin Increase of press performance Use of low-cost wood ...| » Further reading 


B. Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik
Schweriner Str. 1
33605 Bielefeld

Phone: +49 521 58494320
Fax: +49 521 58494321

Ekaterina, Mironova
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: +49 521 58494383

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