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DP Scoring Saw Blades NoNoise-System by LEUCO

Excellent cutting quality on the classic pressure beam machines also requires a scoring saw blade which is optimally adapted to the main saw blade. The two saw blades should be considered as a "pair".

This is why LEUCO enhanced the diamond-tipped scoring saw blades as well in addition to the diamond-tipped NoNoise main saw blade program. The results are visually noticeable conical tooth geometries:

- Conical-flat for universal application in laminated boards
- Conical-hollow back for excellent cutting quality in all coatings
- Conical-hollow back for excellent cutting quality in all coatings

New are the visibly minimized gullets. These gullets are responsible for the noise reduction of 6 db(A) when idling. LEUCO called the scoring saw blade program "NoNoise" which already indicates the decent noise level on the panel sizing saw.

Noise reduction has been one of the important topics LEUCO received positive feedback for during the past few years. The new "NoNoise" Scoring Saw Blades for panel sizing saws are the most recent development.

Exhibitor: LEUCO Ledermann GmbH & Co. KG

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